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Tuesday, August 7, 2018


This magical tale involves 13-year-old Alexander Sighs. His parents ignore him. Dad spends all of his free time tutoring the older brother in swordplay, and Mom spends all of her time training his younger sister in the wonderful world of pageantry. As you can see, his parents have no time for him. He also has no idea that leprechauns have been watching him but is ripe for an adventure for the above-stated reasons. 
O’Toole and Malley, the leprechauns, have a mission, and Alex is a large part of that mission, whether he knows it or not. They accidentally wake him from a deep sleep one night while watching his house. Curious, Alex investigates and captures the leprechauns not once, but twice, inside a burlap bag. The leprechauns trick him into releasing them and insist he gets his parents to sign a permission slip to go on their quest. You heard me right—a permission slip. 
You might think Alex’s parents would refuse to allow him to traipse through the countryside with unknown leprechauns, especially after he tells them the mission was dangerous and probably fatal. The Sigh parents sign immediately, and off Alex goes into harm’s way. 
As we all know, leprechauns travel at night and therefore leave Alex to rest during the day. This is where the adventure takes a wrong turn. The leprechauns add Abby to the mix, a white witch around Alex’s age. She happens to be the evil king’s daughter but is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. However, she is still a girl, and as far as Alexander is concerned, girls have cooties. 
Without the leprechauns for guidance during daylight, Alex and Abby find themselves in all sorts of hot water. For instance, the find a cafĂ© for breakfast full of recently-deceased diners, one very hungry dragon-witch, and her army of rats. 
Alex and Abby are captured by the dragon and chained to the wall as the hungry rats advance. Abby, being a witch, vanished, leaving Alex alone, in trouble, and no hope for escape. See why Alex doesn't trust girls? As luck would have it, Abby went to find O’Toole and Malley, who defeated the dragon. 
Next, the teens find themselves in a park full of giant pond squirrels, mimic-trolls, and apparitions. They fall victim to all three, and the leprechauns come to their rescue, again. 
The questers arrive at the castle the next day. I know, you’re wondering why? Wouldn’t you avoid evil kings when on a mission? The leprechauns have the wrong assumption that they need the king’s permission to quest in his kingdom. The king promptly arrests O’Toole, Malley, and Alex, and grounds Abby for the rest of her life. 
Abby has other plans and devises a dangerous prison-break. The break goes along smoothly with only a few hitches. O’Toole loses his life while protecting Alex, but manages to attach a bit of his power to Alex. Surprised, now Alex must deal with the ghost of O’Toole, a girl that annoys him, and a very lost leprechaun, Malley. 
Now they must face Morgan, the terrible witch, who stole the leprechaun’s unicorns. With the help of thousands of teeny-tiny stone fairies and a miraculous chain of events, they defeat Morgan and her minions and rescue the unicorns. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I was invisible throughout my schooldays (due to my shyness), I had the lonely child's habit of making up stories and holding conversations with imaginary persons. Invisibility has definite advantages, especially when combined with a vivid imagination. I spent my youth on a raft floating down the Mississippi with my friends Tom, Huck, and Jim. I chased windmills with Don Quixote. I spent summers in Europe, winters in Alaska. Anywhere my imagination could take me. I created magical, fantasy worlds with magical inhabitants.

Time does not stand still. Fantasy worlds evolve into mundane, everyday life. As I grew older, my whimsical travels to far off places diminished and my invisibility slowly faded into visibility.

All foolish realms were forgotten, pushed into the furthest regions of my mind. I grew up, but a small part of my mind, the part stuffed to overflowing with imaginary worlds, refused to get older. I must have a Peter Pan soul.

Years passed. One failed marriage became two. I found and married my one true love and began my happily ever after. Happiness has certain side effects my creativity yearned to shine. The imaginary world refused to be silenced; they demanded to be heard.

#PitchWars mentors or mentees that happen to stumble into my little blog, welcome. You might have noticed that I didn't give any reason why you should choose me, sorry that's not my style. But if I was forced to choose a reason I suppose it would be that I retired a few years ago after forty years as an engineer, and I've been married long enough to have learned how to follow instructions, and take NO for an answer.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

someone out there is hurting more than you are
someone out there has been lied to more times than you have
someone out there is more unloved than you are
someone out there doesn't even have a world, no family, no friends, no home
Be the rainbow in someone's cloudy day.

Monday, July 2, 2018

It seems as though in my day people were kinder, hate a little blinder, and danger never fell from out of a blue sky. 
You were safe inside of your school, church, bar, or place of business.
Strangers never haunted those place. But, then that was the only way back when. I was so much younger, and so was the world we lived in.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I'm not going to enter nano this year. I'm sorry, but I just don't feel like it, I have entered and won before. A friend asked me a few Nano questions, and I think I'll share them (mainly because I don't have anything more to say)

Q: How many times have you won NanoWriMo?
A: I never entered the contest to win. However, I have won all 4 years that I’ve entered. It’s really simple. Just sit at your computer and type until your fingers fall off, that’s your signal to stop for the day. Rest, and then begin the same routine on the next day.

Q: Are you a panster or a plotter?

A: I’m a total panster. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting in front of a blank screen and watching your characters fill up the sheet. Some of the characters don’t realize they’re about to be erased.
Q: What’s your writing routine?
A: My writing routine is totally whacked. I write when I feel like it, or whenever I can free myself from my Twitter addiction. I need to start at the same hour every day (1 pm) if I miss that hour I'll wait until the following day. If I'm starting a new chapter or WIP, I prefer to start it on a Monday or the first of the month.ut to get erased.
Q: How different is your NaNoWriMo draft compared to a regular first draft?
A: you can’t compare Nano draft with the regular draft, they are two different species.

Q: Why should writers participate in NaNoWriMo?
A: It’s like living your religion, if you live it you can’t help but become a better person, If you participate in Nano, you can’t help but becoming a better writer.

Q: What are your top three NaNoWriMo tips for newbies?
A: Writing is not a job. It's not a hobby. It's a drive, a journey. It's something within us that needs to be released.
If you are in it for any other reason, stop. Nano can develop first time writers, but only if you are willing to let it take you for that journey. It will complete you and defeat you in the same step.
And finally, don’t sweat the small stuff. Just enjoy the ride.

Monday, August 14, 2017

How does my work differ from others in the genre
Tough question. I have a friend, who happens to be an agent, and she once told me that my style of writing is different than anybody she has read. She didn't tell me if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I also seem to have an infinite amount of commas, so I throw them about as if they were confetti, drives my wife and editors MAD.

Why do I write what I do
That's easy.
1-I had no choice. I had to write. It is what my childhood chose for me
2-I write because I want my new imaginary friends to love the same stories that I told my old imaginary friends,
3- I write because I just can't help it
4-Writing is not a job. It's not a hobby. It's a drive, a journey. It's something within us that needs to be released.
5-It keeps me off of the streets and from bothering the villagers,

How does my writing process work?
My writing process is totally whacked. I write when I feel like it, or whenever I can free myself from my Twitter addiction. I need to start at the same hour every day (1 pm) if I miss that hour I'll wait until the following day. If I'm starting a new chapter or WIP, I prefer to start it on a Monday or the first of the month.
However, I can edit almost any time, go figure.
 I don't have a play list. I would say that I need silence, but the characters in my head never shut up. They keep me awake at night, which is when I get most of my random ideas. I'll throw plot twist ideas to my wife during commercial breaks.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

my middle-grade novel, A Somewhat True Story of Sara Roberts has been released out into the wilds.

I could send you a link, but what fun would that be?

Try heading over to Amazon and type in my name....go ahead, I'll wait.