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Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14, 2011

Many of you have enjoyed my poems, which I have scattered among the ruins of this blog.

Friends have been hounding me for years to publish my poems, I declined because they were too personal.

Just the other day I got another request to publish. So many years have passed and most wounds have healed, after many attempts, and utter failures I found and married my one true love. I am now ready to share my joy and pain.

I doubt I will sell more than a few copies, but those that purchase a copy will also be buying a small piece of my heart.

You can google me for links.......Ramon Ballard

I'm going to repost one of the poems that gets the most requsts:

May your life be full of sunshine,
Even when your skies are gray.
May you find the strength to
go on when you think you've
lost your way.
May the smiles you get from
others be the warm fulfilling kind
May your dreams that you are
dreaming be easier to find.
When you look into your past
may you look without regret
of people, places or things
you would be better to forget.
May you find your happiness
as you pass on through the years
But remember you receive
wisdom when lessons are learned
from your tears.
May the love you find in your
life be the kind you know will last
the kind of love that will free
your heart from the pain of the past.
When it becomes time to look
into that final bright light.
May you look secure in the
knowledge you have loved
and loved right.