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Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29, 2010

Poem for the week


All the burning bridges are just
a memory of empty kisses and
a love not meant to be.
Night time falls around me and
I find myself alone,
Never ending sadness, a smile
without a home.
Bridges burned behind me with
no path up ahead.
All the time you talked, there was
nothing really said.
Yesterday’s misfortunes I should
have never seen.
I'll start sweeping up the ashes
in the morning.
All the burning bridges should be
standing still.
It was fine when you left, but you
didn't need to kill.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22, 2010

I will start posting a few chapters of Tenebrae (edited) next week. Remember chapters of The Last Chance begin on July 5th

Poem for the week


When your dreams are at their darkest, and trust is hard to find.
There should always be a bright light.
That flickers in your mind.
When you just can’t find a reason
Or doubt your pain will end.
When you stumble in your attempt to find someone in which you can depend.
When you need a shelter to keep you safe from your fright,
or just need someone to keep your heart warm on a cold night.
And when you chase your rainbows and get soaked with every thought.
When you find that you are wondering, where is the happiness
you thought that you had bought?
Never forget my heart can be your light.
My love is something in which you can depend.
My friendship will keep you safe and secure.
And my tenderness will dry your tears and ease your fears.

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 15, 2010

It kinda looks as if my serial didn't go over big. I guess i should not continue. The response to the last chapters of The Last Chance is slowing down. The only thing constant is the depression. Let me know if I should continue with my serial. I just need one response.

Here is the poem for the week. I don't know if any of you noticed but I have a pattern going here. One positive poem and then one "gosh my heart broke poem". It is time for the later.


You can't blame it on me for the
way that you're feeling.
I'm not the one to blame for
the lonely way
it turned out to be.
You're the one who asked to be free.
So why blame it on me.
You can't say it's my fault for all
of your crying.
I'm not the one who asked you
to walk out on me.
It was your choice and yours completely.
So, why blame it on me?

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

Poem for the week


You remind me of springtime, because you’re making me smile.
I know I could love you in just a short while.
Are you the dream that keeps replaying in my mind?
Are you the true love I've been searching to find?
If I told you I loved you would they be words you'd like to hear?
Will I be the one you’ll miss whenever I'm not near?
Can I give you my heart to cherish and hold?
Will you seek my warmth whenever you're cold?
Can I hold you at night to calm all of your fears?
Will you let me be the one that dries all your tears?
When I look into your eyes will you feel the same?
When I touch secret places will you whisper my name?
Will you give me your heart and let your love show?
When you tell me you love me will I already know?
Can I open my hands and let you fly away free?
Secure in the knowledge you'll fly home to me

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1, 2010

Poem for the week


When it seems as though nobody in this world is sane,
I always turn to you.
Because you're the rainbow, you're always there after the rain.

When all I feel is darkness and don't know why I came,
I always turn to you.
Because you smile just like the sunrise, and heal all my pain.

When I look into my memories to only find a stain,
I'd write my failures in a book but couldn't stand the fame.
So I always turn to you.
You're the rainbow; you're always there after the rain.