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Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26. 2001

Parenthood 101

Some children grow up in spite of their parents while some grow up despite their parents. But no matter how they grow up, there are far too many that forsake their parents guidance.
There are no incantations or magic spells that can prevent your child from running headlong into a brick wall. There is no amount of love that can stop them from ruining their life. It doesn’t matter to a child that you once journeyed down the same path they travel today. They could care less that you made similar mistakes in your life. They can’t conceive that you were once their age, and it wouldn’t matter if they could.
Trying to tell them that have a future, beyond tomorrow is futile. You might as well try to teach a pig to sing. All they see is today. Telling a daughter hell bent on destruction that school is more important than love falls on deaf ears. You can’t make them see that their new love destroyed her lifelong dream. You might as well hold your breath. They have lost all sight.
No there is no way of preventing your child from ruining her live. I wish that there was. All you can do is watching them self destruct. It is hard, but a parent must silently watch from the sidelines tosses way all values, morals, and teachings.
Take it from me before it’s too late for you. Let your child fall on their face. I tried to keep her upright, and only got abuse, hate, and hours upon hours of wondering where I failed.
There are no incantations or magic spells that can prevent your child from running headlong into destruction. You need to keep silent, while it breaks your heart into a million pieces.

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011


When you left, it was no big deal thing.
Life still goes on, I knew it would.
The wounds will heal; it's just a matter of time.
But I don't believe in forever anymore.
Love is a play; you really know your part.
You had me believing all your lines were true.
Like the one where you'd be mine forever.
It won't take long to forget all about you.
I don’t believe in forever anymore.
Yes, the pain will end.
But I will never believe in forever again