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Thursday, March 10, 2016

another birthday without you

Happy Birthday Mom. I often wonder if you are watching over me from above. Are you proud of where my life has led? Are you proud of any of us? You know that one marriage ended badly and I actually got married, for the third time. Whenever you hear people talking about the third time is a charm, they’re right. She loves me more than I deserve. I really think you would like her. We’ve moved to Missouri. Don’t ask me why. We just sort of settled here. You know how I kept saying that one day I would write the next great American novel? Well, I wrote it. Actually wrote five of them, and working on the sixth. No, I’m not famous. None of them have been published. I do have a wonderful literary agent, who is trying to rectify that fact. Who knows, maybe one day.

You know I wish they had Facebook where you are, it would be so much easier. You could just send me a friend request. But I suppose it’s better this way.

I guess that’s about all I have to say, except to tell you that I no longer miss you every second of the day. It’s down to a few times a day. Oh, and I’m getting older, found out it’s unavoidable, sooner or later age just catches up with you.

I’m going to run-along now. Talk to you next year. Happy Birthday, make it sparkle.