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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I've been avoiding writing this blog like the measles. As this is, (was to be) the release date for CHASING ETERNITY, I can no longer procrastinate. It's time to face my fears, because ignoring them is no longer helping.

Most of you know this, but about a month ago my publisher, Front Porch What's-its-name, closed its doors. There were no warnings, no discussions. Everybody was left holding their published books in their hands not knowing what to do next. I received my edits on Friday, returned them on Saturday and on Sunday I learned of the owner's decision.

I was lucky as they had yet to publish Chasing Eternity, so all it cost me was my dream. I'm now back to chasing rainbows or fighting windmills. I'm flip-flopping once again between self-doubt and confidence, but I must admit that at time the self-doubt is winning.

I suppose the experience might have been worth it. From my ashes I got a good edit. And even if my soaring over the rainbow was brief, the view was amazing.