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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22, 2009

My adventure officially came to an end yesterday, April 21 at 2:45 PM. The journey ended when my alien contraption was activated. Don’t ask how it was activated, because modesty will not permit me to disclose how it was done.

I am now healthy, well as healthy as I will ever be. I am also a cyborg. I have parts inside me that are under warranty. You wouldn’t believe how many replacement parts, or repaired organs I possess. I however don’t want to bore you with the stories behind each cyborgian part.
I am also at a loss; I have run out of adventures to blog about. I really don’t want to blog about my unemployment. There are millions in the same boat as I am. The economy has made the boat overflow.

Without an adventure I am unsure what blog path I should take. Should I retire from blogging? Or should I find a new adventure to undertake? My insurance deductable has been met for the year. I suppose I could choose another organ to adventure about. To my knowledge my kidneys and lungs are virgin territory, and ripe for the picking.

I guess this is where you, my loyal followers come in. What should I do? What should I blog about? I am open for suggestions. I really don’t want to retire from this fine institution of blogging, but unless I come up with some viable topics, I would be dead in the water.

I realize I do perform a public service; I have had more than one hardened criminal sentenced to read my blog. A few have even been scared straight. However, I must admit most have requested to have their sentence reviewed, some even opting for solitary confinement.

I now leave my blog’s future in your capable hands. Suggest a topic. Let me know which organ should I explore next. Where should my next adventure lead us?

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  1. How about blogging your writing journey, what you think and feel. The craziness of the interwebs :)