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Monday, October 3, 2011

what was I thinking?

I owe the writing community, my potential readers, the world in general, and maybe even God an apology. I overlooked some major writing skills in my zeal and enthusiasm to get my historical fiction, THE LAST CHANCE completed and published. That's right, you heard me, I messed up. I failed to add a book that would sell. What was I thinking? I completely forgot to add a vampire, zombie, dragon, Minotaur, unicorn, or knife wielding serial killer with a bad attitude.

I should have jumped to the chance to make my protagonist a crime solving detective with a bad marriage. Maybe he could have been a spy, pathologist, weird scientist with a God complex, or the son of a Greek God. I wasn't thinking I am truly sorry for dropping the ball. My fault.

At the very least I could have made him a sex-craved maniac and added great juicy explicit scenes spattered among the pages of the book. The truth is I know very little about sex-craved maniacs and would be too embarrassed to do the research. My wife probably wouldn't allow me to do the research anyway.

So I apologize for leaving too many of the sure-fire topics for success.

If you are looking for vampire spies, zombie detectives, a Minotaur that cheats on his wife, a unicorn that solves crimes ala CSI Fantasyland, or a super hero knife wielding maniac, I wouldn't waste my time reading this book.

If you are looking for sex, this is not the book for you.

However, if you are looking for a pleasant, clean Historical Fiction that makes you laugh, and tugs at your heart-strings, you might like THE LAST CHANCE. You might be surprised that a book hastily written without the main selling points of today's topics might be enjoyable.

Again I apologize for my zeal, please forgive me.

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