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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I watched an eight minute video on Youtube the other night. I never watch Youtube, but I felt compelled to watch this particular tube. I watched in horror and sadness as a young, faceless girl shuffled one card after another. I read each card; the only sound room was my tears falling.
The tube brought long forgotten memories that I had shoved deep into the crevices of my mind. I too am a victim of bullies in school. I am slightly different than others. I am shorter; my arms are slightly shorter than others. My schoolmates called my Tyrannosaur Ray. I was held by the ankles over the stairwell. I was throw into the deep end of the pool, even though the bullies knew I couldn't swim. I was told to sink or swim, I sank. Obviously they finally pulled me from the pool.
Like I said I threw those memories as far as I could into my mind. I found my release, I would make fun of myself before others had the chance.
That all happened over forty years ago, it took years for my scars to heal. However, I am still self-debasing. I am still the first one in line to joke about me.
The outcome of this poor girl is drastically different than mine. I grieve over why she thought that death was the only option. It's time to change the system to no tolerance. Those involved in bullying should be accountable for their actions and be punished, regardless of their age.
There has always been a bully in all societies, Cain, Goliath, Napoleon, and Hitler, only to name a few.
We as a global community must raise our voice. We might never be able to stop bullying, but we can make punishment for any bullying a major deterrent.
Amanda, Jaymey, David, Dawn-Marie and others should have never been forced to think that suicide was their only options. Raise your voice.

That's my voice, it's not much, but it's a start.

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