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Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22, 2010

I will start posting a few chapters of Tenebrae (edited) next week. Remember chapters of The Last Chance begin on July 5th

Poem for the week


When your dreams are at their darkest, and trust is hard to find.
There should always be a bright light.
That flickers in your mind.
When you just can’t find a reason
Or doubt your pain will end.
When you stumble in your attempt to find someone in which you can depend.
When you need a shelter to keep you safe from your fright,
or just need someone to keep your heart warm on a cold night.
And when you chase your rainbows and get soaked with every thought.
When you find that you are wondering, where is the happiness
you thought that you had bought?
Never forget my heart can be your light.
My love is something in which you can depend.
My friendship will keep you safe and secure.
And my tenderness will dry your tears and ease your fears.

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