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Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

Poem for the week


You remind me of springtime, because you’re making me smile.
I know I could love you in just a short while.
Are you the dream that keeps replaying in my mind?
Are you the true love I've been searching to find?
If I told you I loved you would they be words you'd like to hear?
Will I be the one you’ll miss whenever I'm not near?
Can I give you my heart to cherish and hold?
Will you seek my warmth whenever you're cold?
Can I hold you at night to calm all of your fears?
Will you let me be the one that dries all your tears?
When I look into your eyes will you feel the same?
When I touch secret places will you whisper my name?
Will you give me your heart and let your love show?
When you tell me you love me will I already know?
Can I open my hands and let you fly away free?
Secure in the knowledge you'll fly home to me

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